16 MILE TALENT is set to being booking, in-house for award-winning daily talk show “Good Mythical Morning” premiering on Monday November 6th.  “Good Mythical Morning” is the internet’s most watched daily talk show with 12.7M subscribers. November 6th will mark the launch of a new long-form expansion on YouTube. The series is a part of YouTube’s latest originals from Ellen DeGeneres, Demi Lovato, Kevin Hart, and Katy Perry.

The expanded “Good Mythical Morning” will debut Nov. 6. The bulk of the show, which has run 10-15 minutes per episode, will still revolve around Rhett and Link bantering on the “GMM” set, engaging in stunts like challenging each other to eat weird stuff. In addition, the show will have segments featuring celebrity and musical guests, field-produced shorts, and sketches.”

More info on the launch of ‘Good Mythical Morning’ available here via Variety